Selling Your Car

So you've got your eye on a shiny new car. But first you have to decide what you're going to do with your old car. For some people this is a simple decision - they take the easy option and trade it in (also known as part exchanging).

But what if you're buying privately and can't do this? Then you have to consider selling privately, a daunting prospect for many.

Here at AMCC we'd like to dispel some of the myths that exist around selling a car, give you information to help you decide on the best option for you and pass on some hints and tips of the trade to inspire confidence ... and help you get more for your car.

Use Us 
If after reading this you would still like help to off-load your old car then please get in touch with us. Assuming you are using us to source your new car we will be happy to provide all the practical help you'll need to save you time, money and hassle. Alternatively, we'll just do it all for you! Now what could be easier ...?

Selling Your CarTrading In (also known as part exchanging)

It's quick, easy and safe.

You'll usually get less for the car. It can also cause confusion when agreeing the price of the new car.

Hints & Tips
It is always worth making the car presentable when trading in. It doesn't have to be pristine but, at the least, a wash, interior tidy and vacuum will make it more appealing to the buyer at the dealership.

If the car has minor bodywork damage it's not worth going to the hassle and expense of arranging for repairs, unless it's already subject to an ongoing insurance claim.

Be sure you know what you're being offered and why - if you're not sure or are at all uncomfortable doing this you can use us instead.

Selling Your CarSelling Privately

You'll usually get more for your car.

It's a lot of hassle - organising an advert, fielding calls, staying in, dealing with potential buyers (and timewasters!), haggling and the perceived risk of your car being stolen.

Hints & Tips
If you're selling your car yourself you'll need to advertise it to let prospective buyers know of its existence. The widest coverage is available through national publications like The Herald and The Scotsman; dedicated selling publications such as Autotrader and AdTrader or other local free papers.

Always put a sign in the window - it's free and can be particularly effective if you're still using the car. Avoid a handwritten sign if possible though.

You can maximise the number of people who'll see your sign by parking somewhere obvious - on a main road, near a junction, in a busy car park etc.

It's definitely worth spending money on a valet if selling privately. For approximately £50 your car will look as good as it did when it first left the showroom, (well almost!), and will convey the impression that you've looked after it well, all of which will make it much more appealing.

If the prospective buyer wants to test drive your car always go with them. If you're not sure, take someone else with you too. Never ever leave the prospective buyer alone with your keys at any point during the viewing.

Don't invite the prospective buyer into your home - you're not obliged to do so.

Use your instinct - if you're not comfortable or suspicious just back away.

Selling Your CarOther Methods of Disposal

An auction is probably a last resort means of disposing of your car and should only be considered if you're buying your next car privately and therefore can't trade in.

The advantage of using an auction is that the car probably will sell. The corresponding disadvantage is that you may not get as much as you would have wanted for it.

For this reason, when using an auction to sell your car, always set a reserve figure, below which you would not be prepared to let your car go.

The following auction houses can all be found in Glasgow:

Others, further afield, include the Scottish Motor Auction Group and Wilsons.

Certain manufacturers have made arrangements for owners to take their old cars to a local disposal site where it will be dismantled with salvageable parts set aside for recycling. For more information go to or

N.B. Alastair McKenzie Car Consultants cannot be held responsible for the level of service provided by any of the companies listed on this page.

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